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Mackesy Smye
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Mackesy Smye


Mackesy Smye is a long-established law firm based in Hamilton, Ontario. They specialise in personal injury law and boast a stable of over a dozen lawyers with diverse legal and personal backgrounds. After analyzing Mackesy Smye’s existing website we identified a number of areas that were contributing to poor conversion. These included a lack of visual identity, poor SEO conversion, lack of cross browser linking, and a non-responsive design that wasn’t optimized for mobile devices.


Porting the old site’s content into an entirely new site required a combination of creative and technical expertise. Evoke Solutions restructured the information architecture, and built various sections out for better SEO and better internal page linking. The firm had a trove of articles and resources; Evoke created search and navigation functions to help users find them. Our designers added statistics, marketing banners and testimonials throughout the site to help position Mackesy Smye as trusted experts, and made the team members themselves a visual focal point, helping to humanise the firm. Our team created a new overall look and feel, updated their style guide and color palette to add more personality to the brand, and edited existing photography for improved consistency and professionalism.

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