The Science of Brain Health

Cogniciti - Cogniciti-x

Cogniciti was formed in 2010 to help reshape the world of brain health by helping the millions of adults with significant memory concerns get earlier assessment, diagnosis and treatment.


Evoke Solutions and Cogniciti collaborated to bring their brain health test online, bring forward the facts about mental health and provide factual and tangible information to help those in need connect with medical practitioners, and those with questions get straight answers. Cogniciti is aimed at helping adults who are worried about their memory changes decide the right time to have a conversation with their doctor.

Evoke Solutions worked through the strategy, wireframes and user experience for a number of iterations of the proposed test to allow Cogniciti and the stakeholders to choose the best user flow and user experience.

Cogniciti - Cogniciti-2_2
Cogniciti - Cogniciti-2_1b
Cogniciti - Cogniciti-3_1
Cogniciti - Cogniciti-4_1
Cogniciti - Cogniciti-4_2
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