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Plum Rewards

Saving just got a little sweeter.


Canada’s #1 retail brand, Indigo Books, was launching a new free loyalty program designed to transition their most valuable customers to a new platform focused on CRM. Evoke Solutions was chosen to develop and design everything from the program name and identity to all the communications.

Everything developed for the Plum program had to be designed to work in both English and French.

The loyalty program was free to join and customers got a card to keep track of their points.

In-Store Signage

In-store signage playfully communicates the reward benefits. Integration with the existing in-store signage for Chapters-Indigo was key. A complete program was developed which includes back-of-cash, large installations, outdoor signage, pole wraps and posters to name a few.

In order to promote and announce the plum rewards program, marketing collateral was created including a welcome kit booklet and bag stuffer.

A series of window signage for increasing awareness about the rewards program.

Plum Icon development

We did extensive explorations on playful shapes for the plum icon which could be used on its own, or in combination with the logo.

Simple worked best as the shape became more of an icon than a realistic plum shape.

Having fun with the Plum

The plum icon was further enhanced with pattern and colour to create a more whimsical feel. Various patterns and colours can be used in conjunction with the plum icon to keep the program fresh and playful.

Keeping Plum fresh

The colour palette developed for the Plum rewards program are deep and sophisticated. A bright, fresh set of accent colours was added to the palette for contrast.

The colour plays wonderfully against the corporate name Indigo. The positioning statement “Enrich Your Life” further enforces the brand objectives.

Enrich your life

The Plum Rewards Loyalty program speaks to the three key customer needs: to be rewarded, to be inspired through growth & discovery and to connect with others.

Window decals greeted customers at the door and were positioned right above the door handles.

A series of free-standing banners accompanied other signage in-store to create awareness about the program.

Plum is about growth, discovery and connecting with others. The name was influenced by those same needs. By definition, “plum” means windfall, valuable, coveted, a desirable thing.

Indigo rolled out the campaign nationally in April 2011 and the success has far exceeded expectations for enrolment and participation. The tagline was so well received it has been adapted for the whole organization.

Signage placed above the cashier terminals promoting conversion where consumers would need rewards the most.