Inspired By Design

Our passion for design translates into everything we create. We aspire to create work that is more than simply aesthetically pleasing. Our exhaustive research, sound methodology, innovation and strategic vision result in distinctive and progressive brand experiences that inspire.

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Strategic Vision

Evoke Solutions designs compelling brand experiences to elevate and differentiate our clients in the competitive marketplace. Our knowledge and expertise in strategy, branding, interactive, print, packaging and promotions ensure client communications succeed at every audience interaction.


You can plan and be organized, but what is more important is how you respond to the unexpected. Time was of the essence when one of our client’s comforters had a delay in ocean shipping due to a hurricane. Where most people would have explained to the client that it was out of their control – that’s not our style! We did not want to alarm our client, so we just went ahead and flew the products directly to the client. They arrived on time and at no extra cost to the client because when we make a promise to deliver, we deliver!

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The key to creating successful design solutions lies in understanding our clients’ needs, their short and long-term goals, and their expectations. At Evoke Solutions we ensure that our clients are well informed and actively participate in all stages of the project.

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Listen, Learn & Challenge

We believe that a successful project is a result of skilled listening combined with a willingness to explore the unknown and unexpected with and open mind. By challenging assumptions and pushing the boundaries we produce work that evokes a response.

We aren’t satisfied until we have asked the right questions, exhausted our creative options and produced the most effective communication. We strive for perfection because we know your brand is your identity, your voice, your reputation – it is how your organization is perceived.

Meeting Your Demands

Our clients have been and continue to be our strongest supporters. A keen understanding of print processes, interactive technology, awareness of technological advancements, and an ongoing analysis of societal and consumer trends are critical components of our design methodology. We meet and appreciate the communication demands, strict budgets and timelines of our clients.

Thanks to Our Clients

Evoke Solutions has won numerous national and international awards. The studio has been published in How, Print, Applied Arts, and the Advertising and Design Club of Canada to name a few. While we are proud of the recognition and acclaim, it is the praise of our clients that we are most proud.

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