Creating a Foundation for Success

We’ll work with you to define what’s truly unique about your brand, and express it beautifully in copy and images.

Our Expertise Includes:
  • Brand Footprints
  • Innovation
  • Centre of Influence
  • Brand Positioning

Brand Footprint

Your brand footprint is the accumulation of everything potential customers know about your company – the way it looks, sounds, and feels. What sets you apart? What are your values as an organisation? Evoke Solutions will create and execute a comprehensive, joined-up brand footprint that lets customers know exactly who you are.

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Leave no aspect of your public image to chance. Evoke Solutions’ branding specialists will work with you to define your company’s values and personality, then express them with across the full spectrum of digital and print media

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Establishing a strong brand footprint is critical; without one, your image is unfocussed and so is your audience. Evoke Solutions will help you speak directly to the people who matter most.

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Our graphic designers will translate the intangible qualities of your brand into an immeditately recognisable visual identity.


As technology moves forward, so do we. We’re excited by the ever-changing possibilities of digital and always ready to try something new.

Evoke Solutions are leaders in online marketing. We fight for the user, which means our websites look great and are intuitive to use. We insist on total transferrability between desktop and mobile devices, and we just say no to features that interfere with user enjoyment (looking at you, popups). If we think your existing design is on the wrong track, we’ll tell you. Those conversations can be tough, but we never shy away from a challenge, and the results speak for themselves.

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Our relationship with Kobo is just one example of how Evoke Solutions adapts to and promotes emerging technologies.

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Centre of Influence

It’s not just a website; it’s a center of influence. Let Evoke Solutions manage your social media presence.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook; they’re all valuable tools for reaching your audience, but who has time to update them regularly? If you’re ready to raise your social media profile, speak to us about our center of influence services. Our SEO experts, designers and copywriters will work with you to create top-flight social media in any format, from tweets to full-length blog posts. You’re an expert in your field; why not make it pay off?

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What makes your company special? Brand positioning means answering that deceptively simple question, then communicating the answer to the world. Evoke Solutions will help you articulate your unique offering and differentiate your company from the competition.

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Evoke Solutions has been positioning high-profile brands since 2004. Let’s talk about what sets you apart.

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