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Sklar Furnishings

Offering a wide variety of contemporary custom furnishings, Sklar is committed to customer choice. To further emphasize that promise, Evoke Solutions ensured that the brand instilled confidence by differentiating them with clean, concise visual communications and meticulous execution.

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Logo and Tagline

Sklar is committed to customer choice – we developed a new identity with their tagline “Your Space, Your Lifestyle, Your Choice.”

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Ten years ago, a new retail start-up Sklar Furnishings required assistance in developing all aspects of their communications for their first store. Opening in an affluent and sophisticated market, Boca Raton, Florida, Sklar Furnishings’ required a brand that matched their unique and contemporary retail environment.

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Several key spaces on the site empower Sklar to communicate high-level messaging. The banners support the emails and focus on key offerings for regular visitors to the site.


A complete listing of Sklar’s capabilities and designer services can be found in this elegant take-away brochure. The wirebinding allows for the brochure to be easily updated with new pages without having to reprint the whole piece.

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Print and Packaging

Beginning with the logo and tagline, the Sklar print collateral grew to encompass multiple items such as store bags, event promotions and corporate stationery. All pieces convey Sklar’s elegant and clean design and superior level of quality.

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Promotions and coupons for Sklar Furnishings are printed as high-quality postcards. These are mailed to members to keep them updated on the latest in-store sales.

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Video and Production

In addition to television advertising, Evoke Solutions worked closely with Sklar to create a beautiful in-store video. The video, played on televisions throughout the store, serves to passively inform customers about Sklar’s many services and offerings.

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Sklar Furnishings - sklar_feature_instore_video7_3col
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Print Advertising

A number of ads are published every month for Sklar in some of Boca Raton’s hottest architecture and interior design magazines. Evoke has been producing advertising for Sklar for over 10-years.

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Brand Refresh

As part of Sklar’s 10-year anniversary Evoke Solutions developed a new fresh variety of layouts. Focused on messaging more than products, these designs represent a dramatic shift from Sklar’s traditional ad layouts, and allow them to stand out in publications.

Sklar Furnishings - sklar_feature_brand_refresh_5_8col
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The Sklar website was designed with a flexible grid that allows for layout variety throughout the site. Testimonials, product features, custom maps, bold colours and consistent use of stylesheets work together in creating a rich user experience.

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Email Newsletters

With a loyal following, HTML campaigns are reserved for sale notifications. Never shouting, these subtle offerings speak to the overall brand.

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Sklar Furnishings - iPadAir-sklaremail
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Facebook “Like” Gates

Contest promotions on Facebook reward Sklar’s subscribers. Evoke designed a series of graphics to inform current fans about the contest and to entice new people to “like” Sklar Furnishings page.

Sklar Furnishings - sklar_success_web_blog1
Sklar Furnishings - sklar_success_web_blog2

Sklar’s blog maintains the clean layout and stylesheet we designed for their website. The blog is the best place for customers and industry experts to stay updated with information on new products and company news.

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Evoke Solutions devised a comprehensive social media strategy for Sklar and continues to implement it on an ongoing basis. This service encompasses the creation and execution of a monthly editorial calendar, plus the population and management of dedicated accounts at the social media services our experts deemed most relevant to Sklar Furnishings and their clientele. These include accounts on Instagram, Google+ and Houzz.

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SEO and Analytics

As part of our engagement, we perform Search Engine Optimization for the client. Every month, we collect valuable insights and data on their key performance indicators. Based on those we improve the SEO campaign in order to increase their conversions. The SEO campaign is complemented with Adwords search and display campaigns.

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