Print and Packaging Are the Physical Embodiment of a Brand.

Who says ideas are intangible? Evoke Solutions pursues innovative print and packaging solutions to capture and build the personality of our clients’ brands.

Our Expertise Includes:
  • Sales Collateral
  • Brochures & Annual Reports
  • Direct Mail
  • Packaging & Promotions
Print & Packaging - lbb_print-packaging_lookbook1_2400
Print & Packaging - lbb_print-packaging_lookbook2_2400
Print & Packaging - lbb_print-packaging_lookbook3_2400

Evoke Solutions designed a captivating look book for Lea-Ann Belter featuring full page lifestyle images showcasing the Segwun collection.

Print & Packaging - anne-sportun_print-packaging_print1_2400
Eye catching ads, vivid true to life colour. We don’t think jewellery this beautiful should hide between the pages – that’s why we’ve been publishing Anne Sportun ads for the back cover of design and fashion magazines.

Print is more than reproducing images – it’s reproducing feelings. Allow us to capture the iridescent shine of precious metals, the depth and beauty of cuts in gemstones and showcase the fine beauty in details.

Print & Packaging - anne-sportun_print-packaging_giftcard_3col

A gift worth giving – these giftcards are printed on heavy weight paper and punched with silver type for a premium feel.

Print & Packaging - anne-sportun_print-packaging_stationery_3col
Print & Packaging - anne-sportun_print-packaging_brochure_3col

Experiment with different finishes and folds to add dimension and flair to the ordinary. A combination of elegant photography, a unique accordion fold, delicate scale, and high-end paper stock, communicate Anne’s attention to detail and her well-honed craft.

Print & Packaging - anne-sportun_print-packaging_postcards_6col

A series of fun colourful postcards created for Anne Sportun with promotions and contact information printed on the backside.

Leave a lasting impression. Add depth with bold colours & custom finishing options.
Print & Packaging - david-foster_print-packaging_print1_2col
Print & Packaging - david-foster_print-packaging_print2_2col
Print & Packaging - david-foster_print-packaging_print3_6col

Dark, bold colours – detailed quilted design add richness to the Ontario Charity Gala event materials. An even more luxurious feel was added by printing inner pages on pearly iridescent paper.

Print & Packaging - david-foster_print-packaging_print4_4col

Custom debossing on hand-assembled slip cases for event programs and material.

Featured Art Direction Samples

Elegance and versatility. Ensure your brand is perfectly presented. Embracing a variety of techniques and mediums, our printed designs are able to differentiate your brand. Paper, plastic, leather, wool – there are endless possibilities.
Print & Packaging - sklar_print-packaging_brochure_6col
Print & Packaging - sklar_print-packaging_ads_6col

Rich prints on heavy stock replicate luxury and quality of their products and service. A complete listing of Sklar’s capabilities and designer services can be found in this elegant take-away brochure. The wirebinding allows for the brochure to be easily updated with new pages without having to reprint the whole piece.

Print & Packaging - true-sunshine_print-packaging_packaging_4col

Designing in 3D with pastel colours and illustrated silhouettes captures a sophisticated look.

Print & Packaging - nxl_print-packaging_stationery_4col

Colourful, clean, concise. Evoke Solutions designed business cards and a stationery system for nxl. These pieces built on brand colours and added value in the subtle debossed details.

Print & Packaging - felix_print-packaging_portfolio1_7col
Print & Packaging - felix_print-packaging_portfolio2_3col
Print & Packaging - felix_print-packaging_portfolio3_3col

Debossed leather on wool reflects the playfulness and versatility of Felix Wedgwood while playing up his professionalism.

Featured Art Direction Samples

Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? Presentation says a lot. At a glance, the packaging of your materials should reflect your brand and make a lasting impression.
Print & Packaging - audability_print-packaging_promotional_package1_4col
Print & Packaging - audability_print-packaging_promotional_package2_4col
Promotional Pieces With a Comedic Punch.

Evoke set out to create memorable print pieces by playing on the unavoidable stresses of travel. These were applied to a satirical design concept for Audability’s promotional campaign.

Print & Packaging - cunningham_print-packaging_stationery1_3col

Business Cards maintained the light and airy feel captured by the Cunningham brand.

Print & Packaging - cunningham_print-packaging_stationery2_4col
Print & Packaging - cunningham_print-packaging_folder_4col

Trifold cases were created to protect important documents in a compact design.

As a main communication tool, stationery and letterhead were designed to feature the new logo, tagline and other corporate visuals to reinforce cohesiveness within the brand.
Print & Packaging - saxton-chayse_print-packaging_package1_5col
Print & Packaging - saxton-chayse_print-packaging_package2_3col

Packaging doesn’t have to cover up your product – it can showcase it.

The simple translucent packaging envelops the product, branding the product without distracting from it.

Print & Packaging - saxton-chayse_print-packaging_package3_3col

The frosted white backing makes for seamless readability while maintaining the soft feel of the package.

Print & Packaging - neinkamper_print-packaging_brochure3_3col

The airy white space combined with the bold colours create the perfect balance for print.

Print & Packaging - neinkamper_print-packaging_brochure2_3col

The crisp paper surrounds the accent piece, placing emphasis on the product.

Print & Packaging - neinkamper_print-packaging_brochure1_6col

A double-folded spread gives the product great extension off the page. Taking advantage of specialty binding options can act as a key differentiator in winning top-of-mind positioning with clients.


Segal’s business card design leverage the company’s brand colours to diversify their team while building unity as a whole.

Print & Packaging - segal_print-packaging_stationery_6col
Print & Packaging - segal_print-packaging_stationery2_3col
Print & Packaging - segal_print-packaging_stationery3_3col

A refined design was used with smooth charcoal cases, featuring a debossed Segal logo. The sleekness of a solid neutral colour combined with a minimalist design makes for a professional appearance.

Premium Design Packaging

A sophisticated minimalistic package design with strong hits of the brand colours. A beautiful way to welcome users to the Kobo experience.
Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_touch_package_6col
Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_wifi_package_3col
Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_wifi_package2_3col

Evoke created slip cases as a part of Kobo’s package design. The cases featured Jane Austin on the eReader, reminding clients that you can get all of the classics on Kobo.

Kobo’s eReader packaging was designed to emulate the feel of a book, while showcasing the product and containing important materials.

Packaging That Reflects the Quality of the Product

Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_package_detail_3col

The premium design of the packaging for the new Kobo Vox helped separate it from it’s eInk cousins. Printed with a matte finish with spot gloss on the device images.

Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_vox_package1_9col
Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_vox_package2_4col

The black packaging accentuates the pops of colour on the Kobo Vox eReaders. Boxes were finished in a matte satin coating for a luxurious feel.

Print & Packaging - kobo_print-packaging_readingflife_4col

Internal Kobo Collateral: a set of fun buttons was designed for the team in the style of Reading Life reward badges. There were over 20 unique designs to collect!

Print & Packaging - ehealth_print-packaging_brochure1_6col

This promotional print piece was created to convey a variety of important information, while maintaining a minimalist design concept. The use of infographics are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also illustrate key points through visualization, which aids in communicating the complex information. Additionally, Evoke printed this document in both French and English, making it accessible to a wider demographic.

Print & Packaging - ehealth_print-packaging_brochure2_3col
Print & Packaging - ehealth_print-packaging_brochure3_3col

Evoke created print collateral for eHealth Ontario in a clean design, focusing on readability.

Print & Packaging - ehealth_print-packaging_brochure4_3col

The Annual Report was presented on a high quality thick stock, giving a premium feel.

Add a Touch of Luxury

Exquisite Packaging for an Exquisite Brand.

Specialty printing applications communicate the level of quality to be expected from Stolen Riches products. The combination of black and white with ample negative space makes for a timeless and sophisticated look. The use of eggshell coloured heavy stock adds a softness to the appearance, while strengthening the packaging itself.

Print & Packaging - stolen-riches_print-packaging_print_3col

Stolen Riches brand visuals are implemented across a variety of print collateral.

Print & Packaging - stolen-riches_print-packaging_detail_3col

Heavy paper envelopes and hand crafted wax seals make for truly rich presentation for Stolen Riches.

Print & Packaging - north-strategic_print-packaging_postcards1_4col

Captivating snapshots of nature are displayed on North Strategic business cards. Featuring many different scenes, these cards are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Print & Packaging - north-strategic_print-packaging_postcards2_7col
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