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The corporate identity is the visual core of all business communications – the cornerstone of a brand including a logo, typefaces, colours, imagery and editorial tone that all create a unique and cohesive message about the company. Evoke Solutions works in naming new companies and sub-brands, as well as branding and re-branding companies.

The compelling identities Evoke Solutions creates are a result of lateral thinking, innovative concepts and a thorough understanding of our clients. We strive for identities that capture and define the essence of the organization. This brand strategy drives our work regardless of the medium.

Identity / Naming - identity_hero_6col
Identity / Naming - identity_tickledpink_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_stolen-riches_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_sklar_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_segal_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_nxl_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_newwall_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_lbb_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - kobo_client_identity_4col
Identity / Naming - identity_failsafe_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_ikonica_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_highRoad_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_hawthorn_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kearns_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_blinklogic_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_hgb_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_cozimo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_bunkhouse_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_watertarget_logo_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_3angels_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_creativelaboratory_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_felix_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_gb_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_heller_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_kelso_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_league_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_lifespeak_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_maintech_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_mirinly_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_plum_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_psg_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_shortcovers_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_sogno_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_taylorhazel_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_tomarban_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_annesportun_logo_2400
Identity / Naming - identity_north_logo_2400
Our Expertise Includes:
  • Brand Footprint & Strategy
  • Vision Documents
  • Naming
  • Taglines & Position Statements
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Brand Language
  • Rebranding
  • Art Direction – Photoshoots, Illustration, Editorial
  • Brand Standards & Guides

When re-branding a company, Evoke Solutions respects the equity and historical implications of the existing identity. This exercise can be the logo itself or an update of all the other elements that make up a customer’s engagement with a brand.

When creating a brand identity, Evoke begins by mapping out a brand footprint in order to create a living document that defines your business model. We gain a collective consensus on your brand positioning and goals in terms of how you want your brand to be perceived. In essence, we translate your values and mission from ideas to visual collateral.

Evoke has worked with a diverse range of clients, and we believe that by collaborating and determining best of class brands, as defined by you, that we are turning the key to a successful brand identity for you. We differentiate by design, as we understand that just like people – brands are often judged by their cover.

Identity / Naming - identity_leaannbelter_cover_6col
Identity / Naming - identity_stolenriches_cover_6col

The brand voice communicates mystery and intrigue – with a hint of mischievousness.

Naming combined with typeface and brand colours all work together to convey a feel of luxury.

Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept1_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept5_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept2_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept6_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept3_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept7_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept4_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logoconcept8_2col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_logo_large_4col

Evoke Solutions’ development of the Kobo brand was extensive, but it all began with naming and identity. Originally a digital reading service called Shortcovers, new agreements with international partners and a shift towards more robust digital reading required a new name, identity and brand as a whole. Evoke lead Kobo through this transition and saw this as a huge opportunity for growth within the company as opposed to a threat. Evoke set out to create a tier one user experience and customer impression.

Identity / Naming - identity_plum_page1_4col

Evoke wanted to create a sense of community for Indigo shoppers through the Plum Rewards system.

Identity / Naming - identity_plum_page2_4col
Identity / Naming - identity_plum_page3_4col
Identity / Naming - identity_sklar_store_6col
Identity / Naming - identity_nxl_cards_3col

Playing with white space and texture creates a modern and clean brand impression for nxl.

Identity / Naming - identity_tickled_pink_package3col

The visual conveys an elegant tone, while the name adds a pinch of quirkiness.

For over 10 years, Evoke Solutions has been developing and growing all aspects of Sklar Furnishings’ identity, from their logo and tagline to brand positioning as a whole. Sklar Furnishings required design that complemented their unique and contemporary retail environment, which Evoke used as inspiration for the art direction.

Evoke conceptualized a tagline that is widely adaptable and that communicates Sklar’s desire to create exquisite living spaces for their clients, “YOUR SPACE, YOUR CHOICE, 
YOUR LIFESTYLE.” This message communicates that Sklar offers fully customizable pieces to ensure the perfect fit, as no two spaces are the same. Evoke created an elegant and modern visual identity for Sklar through clean and concise communications, leaving the client with a lasting impression.

Identity / Naming - identity_hawthorn_brochure_6col
Identity / Naming - identity_kobo_vox_box_6col

The name “Kobo”, an anagram for “book” is a fun and playful name that reflects the energy of the brand. The digital book icon is a minimalistic visual representing their business in ebooks.

Identity / Naming - identity_north_cards_3col

A variety of captivating images featuring scenes of nature were implemented to create visual interest, and to develop a strong visual identity for North Strategic.

Identity / Naming - identity_bunkhouse_cards_3col

Playful illustrations were created to add a personal element to the Bunkhouse brand. These images radiate positivity and create a pleasant overall brand feel.

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