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Diamond Schmitt Architects

With twenty new projects going live this year Diamond Schmitt’s new website is truly communicating the pulse of the company.

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Users can change the view and browse projects in a visual grid-view or in a list with more detailed information.

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Video Player

The video player is integrated into the website’s visual aesthetic so the experience remains consistent even if a user wants to view a video.

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Diamond Schmitt Architects - fd

Full Screen

Photos this beautiful deserve to be seen as large as possible – each project contains a option to open a full-screen image gallery.

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Diamond Schmitt’s history page was designed to function as an interactive timeline. Users can scrub through time and see some of the company’s most renowned works.

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Editorial Variety

To keep pages fresh and interesting, we designed pages like an editorial and not a typical webpage. The site takes advantage of 21 unique templates.

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The firm’s most important assets are its people and community. A careers and culture section was designed to explain how Diamond Schmitt promotes diversity and sustainability, providing potential employees with a good idea of the firm’s character and values.

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With the success of the new site, Evoke Solutions was also asked to design the company’s intranet.

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The intranet maintained the clean and sophisticated style established in the main site.

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The key strategy to the site redesign was to allow for a universal navigation to clearly provide a high-level view of their services, practice areas and projects. Detailed analytics allow the firm to adjust their messaging on a regular basis.

The first step to creating a great website is taking the time to develop a solid foundation. Built on a state of the art CMS platform, Evoke Solutions has empowered DSAI with a powerful tool to showcase their most recent work, and the ability to adjust the messaging and information architecture to reflect user metrics.

Information Architecture and Wireframing

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Diamond Schmitt Architects - DSAI_feature_web_wires2_4col
Diamond Schmitt Architects - DSAI_feature_web_wires3_4col

Design Concepts

Diamond Schmitt Architects - DSAI_feature_web_concept1_8col

When sending out files to the developers, we always create a comprehensive CSS style guide for all fonts, links buttons etc. As a part of our web development process, all changes are thoroughly documented in the QA step.

Diamond Schmitt Architects - DSAI_feature_web_concept2_4col

We experimented with multiple styles and ways of organizing the data before we arrived at the final, ideal solution.

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