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Anne Sportun’s designs are creative and unique, and the designs are the focal point of the brand.

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From a range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more, we had many beautiful pieces to choose from.

Anne Sportun

Toronto-based jewellery designer Anne Sportun engaged Evoke Solutions to re-brand her company and update their entire brand presence.

A Precious Brand.

Originally named “Experimental Jewellery” we rebranded the company around the artist herself. Anne Sportun’s name became the company’s new brand with the positioning statement “Precious. Everyday.” to reflect the designer’s philosophy and approach to her designs.

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Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_bespoke_logo_4col

As Anne Sportun’s line to jewellery grew it not only included many new pieces but became tiered into collections. Evoke Solutions created an identity system for Anne Sportun where “Fine Jewellery” was her core brand and the logo had seven different versions for each product line.

Precious logos for a precious brand. All the product lines shown above.

A New Experience

The company’s website allowed shoppers to browse a selection of jewellery but it became confusing as more product lines, pieces and styles were added. Evoke Solutions completely redesigned Anne Sportun’s website making it easier to browse, responsive and allowing users to shop online.

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Anne Sportun’s beautiful new website explains so much more about her products, store and her jewellery making process.

The site’s clean interface allows the jewellery to stand out as the heroes on each page. Users can now easily find the perfect piece by filtering and sorting by collection, metals, gems, style and more. Beautiful use of typography and strong imagery finally allow her website to be as precious as the products she sells.

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Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_web_collections_4col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_web_haloring_4col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_web_womansbands_4col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_web_oneofakind_4col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_web_jewellery_4col
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The Perfect Fit!

Using a responsive design allows Anne Sportun’s new website to look its best on any platform. On mobile the site shows users less jewellery across the page so that pages can instead be scrolled through quickly with touch. Menus and content pages have all been optimized for use on mobile, tablet and desktop displays.

Photography That Shines.

The most stunning part of Anne Sportun Fine Jewellery is the jewellery itself – a beautiful collection of artisan made jewellery with completely unique and nontraditional designs. Evoke Solutions art directed all the photography for Anne Sportun. These stunning photos are the basis for all the company’s promotional marketing, ads and print materials. Every year we are fortunate enough to shoot a new collection, adding to her already impressive collection of images.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection3_3col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection4_3col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection5_2col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection16_4col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection6_3col

Silver and diamonds look as precious as gold in these stunning photos.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection17_5col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection15_2col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection14_2col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection7_5col

Beautiful sets of jewellery, totally unique pieces and gorgeous gems.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection8_3col

Collecting pieces with similar coloured gemstones really shows the strength of the collection.

Shallow depth of field allows the jewellery to be the hero in each shot as the backgrounds fade away.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection10_2col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection13_4col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection11_2col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_artdirection9_3col

Each piece of jewellery is positioned with the utmost care to create dazzling arrangements.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print-packaging_postcards_8col

Evoke Solutions designed a number of elegant print pieces for Anne Sportun included tradeshow graphics, brochures, advertising and other promotional items. Each piece has an incredible attention to detail with regards to typography and print production. We have selected a number of special paper stocks with a high-quality feeling to add value to an already precious brand.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print-packaging_brochure_5col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_print-packaging_giftcard_3col

A gift worth giving – these giftcards are printed on heavy weight paper and punched with silver type for a premium feel.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_print-packaging_stationery_3col

Colourful set of corporate businesses cards which communicate the store’s level of quality.

This unique promotional piece was created to introduce Anne Sportun’s 2011 collection of jewellery. With so many items in the collection, it filled all 12 panels of the brochure!

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print_brochure_3col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print_artist-statement2_3col

These gorgeous artists statement cards are included with each purchase. Printed on silky touche paper.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print_stationery_6col
Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print_artist-statement_3col

Anne Sportun’s extensive library of images allows us to publish a different photo on each back cover without having to repeat images. The quality of the photography really speaks for itself, these stunning ads have helped promote Anne Sportun’s fine jewellery for the past few years.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_print-packaging_print1_6col

To ensure a consistent high-quality look, Evoke Solutions designed Anne Sportun’s social materials like her Twitter page, blog and marketing emails.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_web_mbp_twitter_8col

All of Anne Sportun’s communications is designed to look simple, clean and beautiful and her social platforms were no exception. Evoke Solutions designed Anne Sportun’s blog to match the look and feel of her website. Her Twitter page leveraged her beautiful photography to create a background that stands out.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_blog_-014col

Anne Sportun’s blog contains industry trends, new products and other company happenings.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_email_newsletter2_4col

Marketing emails were end to subscribers to inform them of new products and events as well as the latest from Anne Sportun.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_email_promo_4col

The email templates were designed on a flexible platform which was easy to design and edit.

Anne Sportun - anne-sportun_feature_email_newsletter_4col

Industry members also received emails with curated news about the company.

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