Communicating the Brand Experience – Consistently

Whether working on a tradeshow booth, signage or retail packaging, environmental design presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the brand experience. Our expertise extends beyond environmental, packaging and product design to include sourcing and merchandising.

Our Expertise Includes:
  • Physical Mockups, Prototypes
  • Tradeshow Signage, Banners
  • Retail Experience
  • POS Installations, Signage, Banners
Brand Experience - brand_kobo_wall_1_7col
Brand Experience - brand_kobo_signage_3_5col
Brand Experience - brand_kobo_signage_2_5col
Brand Experience - brand_kobo_wall_4_5col
Every brand touchpoint needs to instill confidence and engage. Create seamless brand experiences that flow from digital to your shop floor and back again.

Your store, studio or office deserves a real-world presence that syncs up perfectly with your brand footprint and encapsulates your offering before a word is spoken.

Evoke Solutions is a full-service boutique studio that provides all aspects of brand creation, including graphic design, copywriting, web design, printing, photography, and in-store display. With your total brand experience in the hands of a single agency, you can be confident that the end-to-end design and storytelling will be flawless. Below are just a few examples of our total branding solutions.

Brand Experience - brand_segal_signage_1_4col
Brand Experience - brand_highroad_signage_2_4col
Brand Experience - brand_annsportun_store_1_3col

Designer Anne Sportun started Toronto-based jewellery manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler Experimetal. Evoke Solutions was engaged to re-brand the company around the designer and update their entire brand presence.

Brand Experience - brand_annsportun_photography_2_3col

Our first move was to rename Experimetal as Anne Sportun, refocusing the brand around the artist herself. In collaboration with Anne we then created a positioning statement to reflect the designer’s philosophy, and Precious. Everyday. was born.

Brand Experience - brand_annsportun_store_3_6col

The Anne Sportun visual rebrand included devising a signature photographic style, to create a comprehensive visual identity for the whole company.

Brand Experience - brand_moen_signage_1_9col

Created for their high-end retailers, the illuminated slat-wall signage makes an immediate impact for Moen. Brushed aluminum with incised lettering and edge-lit letters brings the corporate identity to life. The translucent edges cast additional light further highlighting their product.

Brand Experience - brand_moen_signage_2_3col

Green-edged acrylic and brushed aluminum were used to create Moen’s slat-wall retail signage. The cost effective design and high production value distinguishes the Moen product line from the competition.

Brand Experience - brand_sklar_store_1_8col
Brand Experience - brand_sklar_store_2_4col
Brand Experience - brand_sklar_store_3_4col

As part of the extensive brand development for Sklar Furnishings, Evoke Solutions designed the building façade, awnings, and exterior signage. Three-dimensional chrome letters, with dramatic halo lighting ensure that the store signage makes a visual impact both in the evening and during the day. To improve the street presence, awnings were used to carry the windows higher making for a more elegant proportions.

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