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Lifespeak builds employee engagement and loyalty through online information and education.

Lifespeak already had an amazing product; what they needed was a brand identity. Evoke and Lifespeak worked together to create a comprehensive package that encompassed a new logo and tagline, style guide, web design, communications templates, videography, and print collateral.

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Logo & Tagline

“You Know. You Can.” is all about inspiration and aspiration. It echoes Lifespeak’s mission to empower users to thrive through learning.

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Evoke created a new public website for Lifespeak, promoting the program to potential clients and users, and a new secure site for the exclusive use of learners.

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Its fresh colour scheme and intuitive navigation make the Lifespeak website easy and fun to use.

Building a brand through excellence in design and user experience to compete on a global front.

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Lifespeak’s core concepts are brought to life with artwork and animations.

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Like all Evoke Solutions websites, Lifespeak.com is designed to be totally smartphone-compatible, in recognition of the ever-increasing popularity of mobile internet.

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Lifespeak - Lifespeak_IPhone_web
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Information Architecture & Wireframes

All information architecture and wireframes are designed in-house, helping to ensure the website structure is logical and user friendly.

CSS Style Guide

The CSS Style Guide lays out the guidelines for Lifespeak’s new branding, allowing the client to apply their new color scheme to all future collateral.

Lifespeak - Lifespeak-CSS_Stylesheet_1
Lifespeak - Lifespeak-CSS_Stylesheet_2

Secure Site

In addition to the public website, Evoke also created a secure website for the exclusive use of Lifespeak clients. The secure site houses all Lifespeak’s education modules.

Lifespeak - Lifespeak_secure_1_2400

Fully Responsive

Both the public and secure Lifespeak sites are designed to be fully responsive on a variety of platforms including desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

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Email Templates

Evoke Solutions created a set of modules to facilitate newsletter creation. The modules allow for flexible layouts and varying content length with consistent structure.

Lifespeak - Lifespeak-email-iPad_1800
Lifespeak - lifespeak-video-1_2400
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Working with senior Lifespeak staff, Evoke Solutions created a series of videos that put a warm, human face on the Lifespeak experience.

Lifespeak - lifespeak-video-2_2400
Lifespeak - LifeSpeak_02A
Lifespeak - LifeSpeak_print_letterhead


Evoke’s business cards and letterhead for Lifespeak incorporate the colourful ‘speech bubble’ logo; the custom-designed Lifespeak colour scheme, and the tagline “You Know. You Can”. The resulting stationery is fun and inspiring.

Lifespeak - LifeSpeak_02C

Sales Sheet and Folder

The Lifespeak sales sheet and folder also incorporates the ‘speech bubble’ device and custom colour scheme. Minimal on the outside, the folder features a contrasting lining and a holder for a matching business card.

Lifespeak - LifeSpeak_print_folder
Lifespeak - LifeSpeak_print_salessheet2
Lifespeak - LifeSpeak_print_salessheet1
Lifespeak - Lifespeak-proposal1_2400

Evoke designed a proposal template that utilised the custom colour scheme, speech bubble device and “You Know. You Can” tagline. Thanks to this comprehensive suite of print and digital collateral, Lifespeak staff are able to effortlessly brand all of their communications.

Lifespeak - Lifespeak-proposal2_2400

Brand Guidelines

Evoke produced a guidebook to help Lifespeak use their new brand effectively and consistently.

Lifespeak - guidelines_1
Lifespeak - guidelines_3
Lifespeak - guidelines_2
Lifespeak - guidelines_4
Lifespeak - ls_pp_1v


A series of editable PowerPoint templates were built to enable Lifespeak’s staff to create consistent, on-brand presentations quickly and easily.

Lifespeak - ls_pp_2v
Lifespeak - bb_1x
Lifespeak - bb_3x
Lifespeak - bb_2x


Messaging and objectives in an easily digestible format to help team members communicate the Lifespeak brand with confidence and efficiency.

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