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Pikto’s old website and brand was outdated – we worked to re-energize Pikto and their numerous divisions – launched a beautiful new website and designed a number of print and online ads.

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The new website clearly showcased all of Pikto’s services and offerings and was designed to appeal to their customer audience of photographers.

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HTML Emails

Evoke Solutions has worked to create email campaigns to promote specials and sales that Pikto would offer it’s members.

A Series of Web Banners Promoted Pikto’s Amazing Gallery on Photography Websites.

The animated banners showcase a number of featured photographers and enticed users to visit Pikto and vote for their favourite photographer’s gallery.

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Art Direction

Show off your assets! Evoke Solutions directed photoshoots of Pikto’s materials for use in ads and online.

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Pikto - Pikto_feature_Smalllogo2_4col
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Pikto - Pikto_feature_brandguide1_6col
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Brand Guildlines

Strengthening the brand with a comprehensive set of guidelines to allow for a consistent design implemented across all Pikto’s applications.

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Pikto - Pikto_feature_printad2_5col
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Print Ads

Pikto’s ads leverage beautiful photography from their photobooks or work by featured artists, reinforcing the brand’s expertise and offerings.

Pikto - Pikto_feature_windowsignage_12col
Window Signage

As part of the branding their newly renovated store, we designed a frosted window covering with a set of icons that describes each of Pikto’s services.

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