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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether it’s to measure the performance of your newly launched SEO campaign, or if it’s to keep your fingers on the pulse of customer interaction, analytics is an important ingredient to the overall success of your online efforts.

Our Expertise Includes:
  • Website SEO
    Server Configurations
    Onpage Optimization
    Link Building
    Mobile SEO
    Local SEO
    Global SEO
    Video SEO
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Game Changing SEO Services

Great brand experiences need people to engage with them. Search Engine Optimization best practice drives all of our digital efforts and is the foundation for our clients’ success. We’ve chosen to lead while others follow; it’s this inventive spirit that allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of being discovered by net new customers.

Depending on your category, ranking on the first page can be ultra-competitive, requiring much more than optimizing META tags and adding content. That’s why we look at the big picture – thinking strategically, understanding your customer’s needs, both direct and indirect, and creating an SEO Roadmap that will set you apart from competitors with recommendations aligned with these needs.

Evoke Solutions delivers measurable results for your SEO campaign that will drive your business forward.

If you’re looking for an SEO partner that you can trust to deliver real results, Evoke Solutions has the Solution. Contact us for more information today.

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SEO Case Study

The Business

Waterworks, a family-owned business dedicated to the design and manufacture of world-class bath and kitchen fixtures and accessories.

The SEO Challenge

Waterworks had redesigned their online store, but traffic levels from all sources were extremely low as was overall revenue. Our goal was to capitalize on the huge potential traffic volumes available for the bathroom/kitchen space in organic search, in particular Google.

The solution was to complete a full site audit and identify all the areas of opportunity. Develop an implementation strategy from the items identified in the site audit that ensures the SEO services fall within the clients budgetary requirements, while providing the largest possible return on investment.

The SEO Process

From the Site Audit process we created a laundry list of items to address, some example of the items we addressed included: Technical Issues – broken links and incorrect/outdated redirects; Onpage Issues – thin or non-existent content, duplicate META tags; Offpage Issues – lack of Google Maps listings, weak link profile and domain authority.

In addition to addressing all the initial work items, a robust monthly SEO program was instituted that saw us building links, adding content on the site as well as on their social channels and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on the search engine optimization campaign as a whole.

To help reduce upfront costs, an implementation schedule was created that spread implementation services over four months. Some of the solutions we provided included optimizing and re-writing all product names, product descriptions, META titles, META descriptions, reorganizing the main and subcategory navigation structures, optimizing file and folder names, and launching a link campaign to build their link authority, a vital ingredient required to complete with the big box retailers dominating the bathroom and kitchen renovation space.

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The Results: One Word – Dramatic.

Comparing February 2012 to February 2013, the results are impressive.

In addition, revenue increased by 48%, transactions by 18% and the average basket dollar value increased by 25%, year over year.

All Traffic: Up 130%
Direct Traffic: Up 241%
Referral Traffic: Up 74%
Search Traffic: Up 308%
Google Specific: Up 326%
Non-Branded: Up 273%
Google Specific: Up 242%

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Analytics & Reporting

Monitor, Measure, Report & Improve

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Complete Analytics Solutions

Analytics and reporting is vital to any business with a website. It’s what provides you with the ability to understand how users are interacting with your site or intranet.

While analytics provides meaningful and actionable data that allows you to make data driven business decisions, anyone who’s worked with analytics understands that getting to the important information can be a time consuming and complex task. And the larger the site, the more complicated it gets – just gathering the data can be a full time job, and that’s without considering the time that’s required to actually analyze the data and provide actionable recommendations.

Our Expertise Includes:

Google Analytics
Website Analytics
Portals & Intranet Analytics
Call Tracking
Website Monitoring
Analytics Implementations
Ecommerce Tracking Solutions
Custom Dashboard Creation
Monthly Analysis & Insights
Onsite Presentations
Training & Support

Evoke Solutions can help simplify your website or intranet analysis by automating the data gathering process with custom dashboards. Our dashboards make it easy to spot trends, allowing you to make decisions in real time. They are perfect for reporting to stakeholders who don’t have the patience to look at raw data in massive spreadsheets.

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Evoke Solutions also provides complete analysis services of your website/intranet analytics, giving you more time to focus on other business areas and one less thing to worry about. We’ll act as an extension of your marketing team to monitor, measure and report on all your online marketing efforts. From SEO, Adwords and Adcenter campaigns, to display and direct mail campaigns, our analytics services will provide you with detailed insights into how visitors are reaching your site, what they are doing when they get there, and what campaigns are performing and more importantly, what campaigns aren’t.

We provide complete analytics services, including setup and configuration of new accounts for small businesses or complex enterprise installations. Whether you have simple requirements such as being able to track visitors and where they’re coming from, or if you’re running a large ecommerce website with thousands of product pages, we’ll provide an effective analytics solution.

We also provide a variety of custom analytics services, including troubleshooting tracking issues, campaign tagging and multiple profile configurations for businesses with global reporting needs.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Proven Strategies. Amazing Results.

Effective, Return Oriented Campaign

Whether you’re looking to have a new Adwords account setup or have an existing account you’d like to optimize, we can help ensure that your Adwords account is performing to its full potential. We’ve been working with Adwords since the program’s inception back in 2002, so we’re well equipped to help clients achieve maximum return on investment.

The first place we always start is with tracking. If you don’t have tracking installed, tested and working properly, you’re flying blind, and won’t know what’s working and what isn’t. Google provides robust tracking, not only for online ordering and contact forms, but also for tracking phone calls, allowing us to focus on areas that are working and eliminate areas that aren’t.

Once we’ve sorted out tracking, we’ll look at one of the following service options based on your situation.

Our Expertise Includes:

Landing Page Design
AB & Multivariate Testing
Conversion Optimization
Complete Campaign Builds
Keyword List Creation
Reporting & Analysis
Monthly Management

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New Adwords Account Setups

For clients that are just getting started and don’t yet have an Adwords account. We customize your Adwords account from the ground up to ensure you get the most from your investment.

New account setups can take between 24 to 80 hours, depending on the complexity of your campaign requirements. Complete campaign setups provide everything you need to get started. Once we’ve sorted out tracking, we’ll look at one of the following service options based on your situation.

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Optimization of Existing Accounts

For clients that want to get more performance out of their Adwords accounts. Our Adwords optimization services provide dramatic increases in account performance. Maximizing your ROI is our goal.

Optimization of existing accounts can take between 24 to 40 hours, again, depending on the complexity of your account. We analyze all aspects of your Adwords campaign to ensure maximum performance.

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Custom Adwords Services

Whatever issue you’re having with your Adwords account, we’re here to help. We can provide technical support and advice for a variety of issues with your Adwords account – from addressing quality score issues, increasing ranking for particular keywords, creating optimized landing pages and more, we can help.

If you’re looking for Google or Bing Paid Search Services designed to provide maximum return on investment, Evoke Solutions has the Solution. Contact us for more information.

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