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Aquicon is a rapidly expanding Toronto construction company, founded and still operated by the Aquino family. Their hands-on philosophy calls for full engagement by senior leadership in every project, regardless of scale.

Evoke Solutions was engaged on the occasion of Aquicon’s 30th anniversary, in the wake of a major company restructuring, to fully rebrand the company and create communications that more accurately reflected the stature of the organization, their refined processes and systems, and bring to life their tagline.

Aquicon Construction - Aquicon-Logo1
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Aquicon Construction - feature_Aquicon_logo_hero_2400_2

Logo Redesign

Evoke Solutions set out to refresh Aquicon’s identity on schedule for the company’s 30th anniversary celebrations, taking our cues from the past while bringing its logo and branding up to date. The brief was to give Aquicon a stronger visual mark which will carry them forward into the future and communicate the quality of their offering. Evoke’s design team created a new logo, which echoed the colour scheme of the old while emphatically reflecting their structure, rigor and attention to detail.

Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_logo-developed1
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_logo-developed2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_logo-developed3
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_print_proposal_2

Stationery and Digital Templates

Aquicon’s new suite of stationery showcases the company’s new identity and colour palette, silently communicating its prestige in the marketplace. The new stationery set is comprised of letterheads, business cards, proposal templates, carbonless paper forms and various envelopes. A full suite of digital templates was created to support both internal and external communications.

Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_business-cards_2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_letterheads_3
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_letterhead1
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_letterhead2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_letterhead3
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_letterhead4
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_guideline1
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_guideline2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_guideline3
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_guideline4_2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web-hero_imac
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_home

Website and Email

User expectations for websites evolve very quickly, and the old Aquicon website was due for an update. It was non-responsive and not designed for optimal browsing on all devices; its content was outdated and it was not SEO optimized. The user experience as a whole was not engaging, and it didn’t present projects in a manner reflective of their quality. It failed to differentiate Aquicon from its competitors and more importantly it didn’t reflect the stature of the business. The new aquicon.com offers a superior user experience, best of class SEO optimization, improved cross-page linking and full responsiveness, carrying Aquicon’s new identity threw to the digital channels.

Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_contact
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_responsive_tablet
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_delivery_model
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_sector
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_mobile1_1
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_mobile2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_mobile3
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_project_2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_web_project_overview
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon-success-thought-leadership-linkedin

Thought Leadership

By effectively executing articles and blog entries that communicate the Thought Leadership of Aquicon, Evoke Solutions is able to instil both trust and confidence in current and prospective clients for Aquicon. Our goal is to shape their messaging so they are seen as the voice of authority and knowledge in their marketplace, and by taking a future-first view of current topics supported with the years of experience they have, we’re able to carve out this unique position.

Aquicon Construction - Aquicon-success-thought-leadership-large-stats@2x

Truck Graphics

The vehicle graphics were designed to extend the companies branding across all their touch points. The new designs were created to provide a stronger brand impression onsite, and headquarters and on the road..

Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_truck_1
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_truck_2_2
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_success_email_singature
Aquicon Construction - Aquicon_video


To mark Aquicon’s 30th anniversary, Evoke Solutions shot and edited a short film celebrating the company’s history and culture. We worked closely with Aquicon’s leadership and founders to tease out the factors that contributed to its success and longevity.

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