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Originally a digital reading service called Shortcovers, Evoke Solutions helped create a new name, identity and brand helping develop the company from a start up to a tier one company.

We’ve been involved with Kobo since its inception over three years ago and have been key in development of the brand included the naming and identity, numerous digital applications, corporate communications and print advertising. Evoke Solutions was empowered to created an intuitive and engaging experience that included the information architecture, user-flow and the Graphic User Interface for the website, mobile applications, email, banner, social media campaigns and video. Evoke Solutions worked closely with the development team to create a truly unique online reading experience.

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Logo & Naming

Originally named as “Shortcovers” the new logo speaks to book culture and the love of reading all material. Literary and fun, playing up the re-arrangement of the letterforms that form the word ‘book’ and also representing the different ways in which one can read a book. The logos feature a fun, bright colour palette which has become a strong part of the brand’s language.

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Reading Life

Kobo’s social and rewarding reading experience – we designed colourful stats and charts and a collection of fun badges users earn for completing reading tasks. Reading life was rolled out to all Kobo platforms including their family of eReaders and for the Kobo Apps on mobile and tablet devices.

Web Design

To create a friendly and inviting digital shopping experience, we designed a clean, open interface to the e-commerce site. Promotional banners and graphics jump to the forefront and allow for an opportunity to promote the brand’s products with fun and playful stylesheets and layouts.

Kobo - feature_kobo_web5_6col
Kobo - feature_kobo_rl_awards_iPhone_3col
Kobo - feature_kobo_rl_ipad_8col
Kobo - feature_kobo_web_readinglife_8col
Kobo - feature_kobo_readinglife_badge3_3col
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Readers can share their rewards on Facebook or Twitter and challenge friends to earn new rewards. The platform let users share their love of reading with the community and helped make reading more rewarding!

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Kobo for IOS

Working with Kobo’s development team, Evoke solutions designed a user-friendly Kobo Apps for iOS devices. The app’s design leverages the look and feel of the UI designed for the eReaders, but optimized for the touch interface and with full-vibrant colour.

Kobo - featured_kobo_IOS-iPhone1_3col
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Kobo for Android

The Android version of the Kobo app uses the same clean and friendly interface Kobo readers have come to know. Supports social, Reading Life and online shopping all within the app. The app has a flexible design to work on a variety of Android devices and screen sizes.

Kobo - featured_android_hero_tablet-phone_11col

Social Networks

Carrying the message of eReading and the love of books to the online community. Evoke Solutions has worked closely with Kobo to own their brand through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Blog. Evoke designed a blog to communicate Kobo’s recent company activities and we created a Facebook app so users could share their reading activities and rewards with their friends.

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Kobo - feature_kobo_facebook_4col
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First launched on the Kobo VOX tablet, Pulse was Kobo’s own social network for the eReading community. The design and user experience was beautiful and simple, encouraging users to share and connect with other readers.

Kobo - featured_kobo_pulse_red-blue_6col

Find out how many people are reading with you, and share comments.

Kobo - featured_kobo_pulse_ipad_bookshelf_screen_7col

The pulse icon glows at the bottom of the screen when there are new comments and notifications about the book you are reading.

Kobo - feature_kobo_pulse_longfeed_4col

See what they think of the passage you just read, and leave comments for the rest of the Kobo community.

Kobo - featured_kobo_trilogy_front_white_shortlist_4col

Keep your favourites easy to access with new ways to organize your collection.

Kobo Touch Interface

A brand new UI was created for the Touch, the first Kobo eInk reader using touch for navigation. The interface has large easy to touch buttons and menus and a dynamic Mosaic of recent reads on the home screen. The interface featured new functionality like highlighting and bookmarking of content.

Kobo - featured_kobo_trilogy_angled_interface_7col
Kobo - feature_kobo_trilogy_hero_11col

HTML Emails

Direct marketing to subscribers is key to continued growth. Weekly and biweekly emails keep individuals up to date on new offers and reads. Different levels of messaging help prioritize the messaging.

Kobo - feature_kobo_email2_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_email3_4col

Easy to use templates were developed for the marketing teams

Kobo - feature_kobo_emailmain_8col

Print Design

Expressing Kobo’s quality of their digital content and services with beautiful physical pieces of printed collateral. Evoke solutions worked with Kobo to create printed materials ranging from packaging for 3 different models of eReaders, to marketing materials and corporate collateral. All the pieces apply the brand’s character with a clean look and bright hits of colour.

Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign2_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign1_8col
Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign3_8col

The premium design of the packaging for the the new Kobo Vox helped separate it from it’s eInk cousins. Printed with a matte finish with spot gloss on the device images.

Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign4_4col

Stickers on the packaging indicate the eReader colour.

Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign5_4col

The design of the packaging extended to how the items were packed in the box.

Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign6_7col
Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign7_12col
Kobo - feature_kobo_historywall1_8COL
Kobo - feature_kobo_historywall2_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_tradeshow_6col

Tradeshow booths that stand out from the crowd with a mix of print and video.

Kobo - feature_kobo_printdesign8_6col

Clean and beautiful printed materials for Kobo service promotions.


Evoke created a number of engaging videos to communicate the Kobo culture with current readers and to entice and inform future customers. Kobo’s eReader product videos are a visual walkthrough of all the product’s features and capabilities. Other films, like the holiday video, share Kobo’s employees love of reading with the community.

Kobo - feature_kobo_video1_2_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video1_3_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video1_main_7col

Kobo employees shared their favourite reading moments in a holiday video.

Kobo - feature_kobo_video2_main_7col

This video conveyed the features of the Kobo Touch with realistic CG-renders demoing the Kobo user-experience.

Kobo - feature_kobo_video2_2_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video2_3_4col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video3_main_7col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video3_2_4col

Following the success of the 2011 Holiday video, we were able to follow up with a new version for 2012.

Kobo - feature_kobo_video4_1_5col

Created for the launch of the Kobo Vox, the video was fast, fun and informative.

Kobo - feature_kobo_video4_2_5col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video4_3_5col
Kobo - feature_kobo_video4_4_5col
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