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Design for the 21st century

The success of our interactive design lies in our understanding of the medium, our technical capabilities, and our design skills.


CMS Sites
Online Advertising
Mobile: iOS, MS, Android, Blackberry
Tablets: iOS, MS, Android, Blackberry

Coherent information architecture and intuitive interface design provide the foundation for our projects. We have worked on many different platforms from Ruby on Rails to Magento and everything between.

Our interactive web work is user centric – both a delight to view and easy to navigate. This is not a coincidence; it is due to our exhaustive and extensive research, intuitive interface design and bold visual communications. While the web continues to mature and evolve our goal remains the same – to create rewarding, user-friendly interactive experiences.

In order to have a successful and thriving website that meets today’s needs, Evoke Solutions understands that the website needs to be dynamic and robust, but above all must be catered to the clients’ needs. Whether this means creating a private login section for an exclusive experience, or having e-commerce capabilities to drive sales, Evoke Solutions can create a comprehensive site that is sure to boost your ROI.

As an architectural entity, Diamond Schmitt needed the website to showcase their diverse ability to create stunning and contemporary buildings, for a wide variety of projects.

Evoke designed the graphical user interface for the Kobo tablet application, creating a fun and relaxed e-reading environment for users.

By using the traditional bookshelf as an organization system for the Kobo app, users feel a sense of familiarity to their reading experience.

By creating an intuitive website that navigates with ease, users are enticed by the convenience of entering the proposed contest.

By including an easy-to-find judges section in the navigation bar, users have the option of reading more in detail about people involved in the contest.

With the right strategy, vision, and execution, a website becomes a vital component of a company’s success.

Designing with a clear hierarchical structure acts as an indicator of importance and guides users through the page.

We build sites that are compatible with any device or platform, be it a computer, mobile app or tablet. Accessibility is a driver to web success.

Evoke Solutions takes pride in creating user experiences that delight. This is achieved through meticulous information architecture planning and a strong execution. A good website will get the message across, but a great one will leave a lasting impression.

Whether it’s a mobile app, a responsive online portal, or an engaging intranet, they all need coherent and intuitive interface design to succeed. Our goal is to create collaborative and rewarding interactive experiences.

Evoke can create a site that acts as a portal for your clients to your business.