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Capturing your business – from every angle

Video and motion graphics are an occasion to showcase your products or services from a new perspective – they are a vessel for both education and entertainment. Utilizing this medium of communication presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the brand experience.


Video & Motion Graphics
Script Writing
Brand Videos
Demo/Instructional Videos
Event B-Reels

Key messages, music and imagery work together to tell a story.

The virtual experience allows customers to explore, discover and become inspired. Video and motion graphics engage users in ways that static images and text simply cannot. They are able to convey ideas, emotions and bring your project to life.

Evoke Solutions has experience creating a wide array of video and motion graphics productions. From inception of the idea, to the story-boarding process, to capturing the video on set, Evoke will take you through every step of the process to provide you with a final production that will exceed your expectations.

A beautiful in-store video was created for Sklar furnishings to relay information to shoppers.

Videos are a key component of successful online communications. From art direction to production, we will lead you through the entire process of creating a world class videos for your brand.

In addition to television advertising, Evoke Solutions worked closely with Sklar to create a sophisticated retail environment video. The video played on televisions throughout the store, and serves to passively inform customers about Sklar’s many services and offerings.

The motion graphic shows the viewer Kobo’s capabilities from reading and beyond.

People love to watch videos – they are engaging and there is no underestimating their importance in connecting you to your audience.

Evoke Solutions employs contemporary creative techniques in our video and motion graphic work. The result is effective and entertaining pieces that not only attract an audience’s attention – but keep it.

An effective way to communicate your solutions to clients, and win top-of-mind positioning.

Video can be a special opportunity to communicate the accessibility of your services, from online to mobile to tablet.

Evoke set out to create engaging video content for wheels.ca in order to strengthen their online presence. The video presented a unique opportunity for wheels.ca to display the exciting events that they are a part of.

Communicate your brand vision in a way that people connect with.

Showing the faces behind a brand creates a sense of authenticity and provides the viewer with insight into the brand identity.

Evoke created a sense of familiarity by implementing a hand-written style for the Indigo’s promotional web video. This speaks to the personal side of the brand and allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level.

This student-geared video focused on the opportunity for great achievements possible at McCarthy Tétrault.

Productions that will reach to your broadest audience

Evoke Solutions understands the importance of catering to the widest range of client possible. We offer video services in French and can meet your translation needs. We also offer copywriting services specifically for video creation.