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Building a world-class brand and brand touch-points



Audability is a leading provider of collaborative communication solutions. They specialize in Audio, Web and Video Conferencing, Streaming Media and Systems Integration services.


Evoke Solutions has been helping Audability grow their customer base and extend their relationships for almost 10 years. Audability’s brand touch-points instill confidence while clearly defining their services and product offering. Given that Audability works with many Fortune 500 businesses Evoke Solutions worked diligently to ensure every single touch point is consistent, professional and reflects the firm’s attention to detail.

Evoke Solutions role has evolved from creating a world-class brand to helping Audability market to both existing and new clients. Our scope of work includes strategy, branding and positioning, communication templates, website, email templates, digital marketing and SEO, signage and wayfinding, direct marketing, brochures, promotional work, signage, infographics, video and RFP and proposal templates.

As the business has matured and evolved the brand has stood the test of time. Currently undergoing a brand update Evoke Solutions is helping to better articulate Audability’s unique market position and key differentiation in a very crowded market place.


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