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Contemporary Design Group
Eclectic and Exceptional

Contemporary Design Group


Contemporary Design Group is a national association of local, independent home furnishing retailers in the US. The group was formed to share ideas, best practices and increase COLLECTIVE buying power while retaining uniqueness and independence FROM ONE ANOTHER.


Evoke Solutions was approached to update the identity, set of 16 magazines and create an accompanying responsive website for the group. The updated identity is comprised of the Contemporary Design Group’s symbol and the name broken into four lines to better convey both the strength of the group, and the eclectic variety of their combined offerings. The name is transparent in use on both the covers and website to highlight their ever-changing collections. The free magazines were produced for 16 of the 26 retailers which includes custom covers and content for each. The typography was stripped back to black and white in order to provide a neutral support for the photography with only subtle hits of colour to accent the layouts. The website echoes the aesthetic of the magazine, in an ultralight responsive layout that is fast and easy to digest.

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