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Defining a new hiring experience



TransparenCV verifies and legitimizes the high quality investment analyses submitted by leading candidates seeking employment at the world’s premier Investment Firms.


Evoke Solutions was engaged from the conception of the business idea and worked with the entrepreneur to flush out the business and marketing plan, the overall online experience and the brand vision. TransparenCV provides a platform for candidates to upload and track their investment ideas. This patent pending process allows genuinely talented candidates to shine, and provides investment firms with substantially greater insight into the quality of the candidates they meet. Evoke Solutions created all the personas and user experience flows and information architecture for the different users – job seekers, employers and recruiters. From there the team designs the user experience, style sheets and overall art direction. Working with an illustrator, the benefits of the business model were clearly communicated and illustrated. Working with an off-shore development team, Evoke Solutions worked to help bring the project to life and the business to thrive.

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