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Amplifying Trustpoints

The first ten years of our history was focused on creating world-class brands that instill trust at every touch point. We call these Trustpoints. The last eight years we have focused on driving business success by amplifying Trustpoints.

While Evoke Solutions is based out of Toronto, we work with clients across Canada, North America and globally. We take pride in helping Canadian companies succeed no matter where they’re located.

Strategic Thinking

Evoke Solutions is a multi-disciplinary communications and design studio founded April, 2000. We create compelling and strategic brand experiences that elevate and differentiate our clients in the competitive marketplace. Our knowledge and expertise in strategy, identity, responsive web and eCommerce, digital marketing, strategic copywriting, SMM, print, packaging and promotions ensure our clients’ communications succeed at every customer interaction.

We Are Passionate

Our passion for design radiates from everything we create. We use design as a key differentiator in branding and digital communications. We know successful design is more than simply aesthetically pleasing brand experiences need to be distinctive, progressive and strategic in order to inspire.

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We Love Collaborating

The key to creating successful design solutions lies in understanding our clients’ needs, their short and long-term goals, and their expectations. At Evoke Solutions we ensure that our clients are well informed and actively participate in all stages of the project, because a successful project is the result of skilled listening and adept understanding. By challenging assumptions and pushing the boundaries we produce work that evokes a response – we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We Are Nimble

We take pride in delivering great value. Since day one, we have built Evoke Solutions to be different. By stripping back the layers of traditional agencies our clients have direct access to the people who solve their problems. We build out teams with the creative and strategic players right from the start. Our agile and nimble approach allows us to ramp up quickly when the needs arise. Our clients don’t believe you need ten people in the room to impress, and we know direct access with our clients means we are all listening and engaged.

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Differentiate By Design

Evoke Solutions’ core competency is brand strategy, development and engagement. It is what we do best and what our clients most appreciate.

We aren’t satisfied until we have asked the right questions, exhausted our strategic and creative options and executed the most effective communication strategy. We strive for perfection because we know your brand is your identity, your voice, your reputation – it is how your company is perceived.

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Corporate Identity

The corporate identity is the visual core of all business communications – the cornerstone of a brand including a logo, typefaces, colors, imagery and editorial tone that all create a unique and cohesive message about the company. At Evoke Solutions our process involves lateral thinking, innovative concepts and a thorough understanding of our clients’ philosophies. The results are compelling identities.

When re-branding a company, Evoke Solutions respects the equity and historical implications of the existing identity. The purpose of the re-brand is to best illustrate what the company represents. We design the corporate identity to be the core component of the broader brand framework; this brand strategy drives our solutions regardless of medium.

Interactive Design

The success of our interactive design lies in our understanding of the medium, our technical capabilities and our design skills. Coherent information architecture and intuitive interface design provide the foundation for our projects. Our approach of being platform agnostic allows us to push for the best user experience regardless of the platform instead of being constrained by preconceived limitations.

Our interactive work is user centric – both a delight to view and easy to navigate. This is not a coincidence. It is due to our exhaustive and extensive research, intuitive interface design and bold visual communications. We protect our clients investments by keeping them up to date with the most recent standards such as AODA compliance. Our goal is to create engaging and rewarding interactive experiences.

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Social Media Marketing

More than ever, brands are being driven by social media and we understand how to harness these into effective corporate communications tools. We help our clients build out brand awareness and establish them as centers of influence through everything from social calendars, right down to content creation and full digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Email is an important and low cost opportunity for companies to communicate with their customers and that’s why we design responsive templates that can support a variety of messaging, personalization, rich content and segmentation. Designed to engage the audience on multiple channels and increase brand engagement, flexibility and versatility is key to the user experience.

SEO, SEM and Analytics

Online communications offer referral validation and net new customers through Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We understand that best practices of On-Page and Off-Page SEO including keyword research, competitive analysis, link building and analytics are key to exposing your brand to your target audience. PPM or SEM are important parts of effective SEO plan, but our goal is to focus on organic versus paid. Our ongoing analytics and reporting tie in the entire digital landscape to ensure recommendations are driving results.

Conversion Optimization

All digital visitors are valuable – be they loyal customers, first time visitors or those arriving from PPM. The digital experience must focus on converting KPIs – be they sales or data collection. Evoke Solutions knows ongoing and rigorous A|B testing and continual mapping of consumer behaviors ensures increased conversion from each future visitor.

Using a combination of robust tools including CrazyEgg, and Analytics, Evoke Solutions provides clarity and insight into the conversion funnel with the long-term goal of improved conversion rates and maximum efficiency as more and more consumer behaviors are mapped.

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Video and Motion Graphics

Video is a key tool for brand engagement and delivering key messages. Whether we are creating motion graphics for B2B, B2C, professional services, retail, public sector and not-for-profit our story telling is key. We leverage animation, motion graphics, CGI, interviews and life footage. We know the key to an engaging communication is clearly defining success and strategically creating the right message, using the right techniques and speaking directly to the audience.

Art Direction

Evoke Solutions knows art direction can make or break a communication. Art direction brings an idea to life and life to an idea. We believe art direction is more than simply overseeing the practical execution of creative solutions. It is the development and execution of an idea through a visual narrative and defining the intangible things that resonate with your audience.

Photography and illustration often provide the foundation that carries the concept. Regardless of the medium the goal is to set the tone, to elevate the communication beyond just a message about a product or a service -rather an emotional reaction.

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Print and Marketing Collateral

Whether designing corporate stationery or a 90-page annual report – we view each project as an opportunity to make an impact. While the digital economy has altered the role of print, it hasn’t diminished the importance, nor the impact of well-designed and well-executed work. We are proud of the print and digital work we produce and continue to push these mediums by applying bold design to a wide array of unique techniques and technologies.

Packaging and Promotions

Inside and outside the retail environment we employ non-traditional, creative techniques in our digital, 3-dimensional and print or promotions work. The result is effective and engaging communication that attract an audience’s attention – and keep it.

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Stability is the Key to Our Relationships

Evoke Solutions’ clients count on us daily, and entrust us with sensitive information. Our company data is stored on networked volumes setup in a RAID 10 configuration. Nightly incremental backups are performed to backup volumes that are rotated off-site on a weekly basis. The server is protected by a UPS sufficient to allow for several hours of work should power be disrupted. Remote access to the server is available via VPN and is protected by a firewall.

In the event of an unforeseen disaster on site, Evoke Solutions keeps back-up laptops for each staff, weekly data backups off site, and a fully functional server to allow us to be up and running the same day.

Our financial stability is also very important to our clients. Evoke Solutions is a privately held, national corporation, conducting business in Toronto since 2000. Evoke Solutions has been profitable every year and maintains enough cash reserves to run the business staffed at its current levels for a full year.

Finally, our clients trust that the creative excellence they have experienced, or viewed in our portfolio will continue to be delivered because the art director and founder remains unchanged, our process is proven, and we select the client team based on relevant experience.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Evoke Solutions’ clients actively participate in the solutions we create together. For success we need to understand the business, what makes you unique, your business goals, what keeps you awake at night, and what brings you back every day. We need to help mitigate against any risks and make your dreams a reality.

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