Maintaining Leadership - analytics-stats

Strategically Analyzing, Innovating and Evolving

Your competitors will be playing catch-up, your industry will be anticipating your next innovation, while partners and your customers will continue to look for you to inspire and engage them. Being the leader requires structured feedback, strategic insights, analysis, innovation and evolution. We work with our clients to continually evolve Trust Points based on analytics, insights and evolving business needs.

Maintaining Leadership - heatmap

Heatmaps are just one of the tools we leverage on an ongoing basis to ensure the user experience, content and IA is optimized

Continually Improving Your Digital Marketing and Channels

Unlike some traditional media, your digital presence must continually evolve and improve to remain relevant. From content updates, to high-frequency SEO content, to usability enhancements and innovation — your site requires strategic attention to remain relevant and deliver ongoing ROI. To protect your investment we will lead you through monthly and quarterly enhancements. Monthly activity will include ongoing SEO optimization, reporting and analytics – view sample report. Quarterly activities will include A/B testing, conversion optimization, content strategy, IA adjustments, user experience enhancements and innovation.

Analytics, A/B Testing and Insights

Our strategy is to confidently lead with best practices across all channels – from web to email and social. Once the platforms launch we need to turn to your audience to lean what is best for them. We do this by continually testing, analyzing, and seeking audience insights so we can evolve the user experience, the messaging and the brand experiences.

We rely on multi-variant testing – or A/B testing across the entire digital ecosystem – from email and landing pages, to web pages, SEM and SEO, and forms and data collection. We also continually analyze traffic reports to see how information architecture and content personalization can be enhanced. We leverage heat mapping, reporting, call tracking, and A/B testing tools to ensure that your communications are continually evolving and improving. These improvements are based on hard data and facts, and help us direct your spend to deliver the greatest ROI.

Maintaining Leadership - myalcon-emails

By testing all touch points in the ecosystem, such as emails, we drive engagement and domain authority.

Maintaining Leadership - kobo_trilogy

Evoke Solutions is continually staying ahead of technology and platform evolutions

A History of Excellence

For 20 years Evoke Solutions has been on the forefront of innovative branding, storytelling, facilitating brand champions and amplifying brand awareness. Our leadership in accelerating business growth covers many categories, including brand development, user experience, thought leadership, digital marketing, organic and paid SEO, A|B testing and traditional brand trustpoints.

As communication channels, technology and platforms have evolved, Evoke Solutions has kept our clients ahead of the needs and wants of their key stakeholders – delivering best-of-class brand experience that instill and build trust.

Planning for Future Success

Maintaining leadership requires discipline and a clear focus on the future. Collecting data, analyzing and building in the agility to respond, along with a clear focus on innovation will ensure you maintain your relevancy and leadership in a changing market. Most importantly together, we will make sure your TrustPoints reflect this.

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