Anne Sportun
Precious. Everyday.

Anne Sportun - annsportun-1b

Anne Sportun is a Canadian jewellery designer with a very unique style and vision. The Toronto-based firm designs, manufactures, retails and wholesales through out North America and has a cult-like following of those that love her signature style and vision for creating everyday works of art.


Evoke Solutions has enjoyed a long-term working relationship that began with the desire to create communications that reflected the quality of design and craftsmanship. The work began with strategy, positioning, re-brand the company from “Experimetal” to Anne Sportun, and the creation of a positioning statement “Precious. Everyday.” that reflects the designer’s philosophy and approach to her designs.

Over the years Evoke Solutions has created a world-class brand including print and promotional work, signage, tradeshow graphics, artists cards and artists statements, packaging, art direction and photography, ecommerce, email templates, digital marketing, brochures, print advertising and various promotional items. Working with Felix Wedgwood Evoke Solutions has created a signature photographic style that is reflective of the organic nature of Anne’s creations.

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