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eHealth Ontario is an independent agency of the Ontario ministry of health and long-term care. eHealth is enabling physicians and health care providers to establish and maintain electronic health records for all of Ontario’s 13 million residents.


Evoke Solutions was engaged to create some print collateral working with in the existing brand standards. The team found the standards to be limiting and approached eHealth to see if these could be evolved. The designs pushed the colour pallets, typefaces, art directions and illustrations styles. The results were so successful the eHealth Ontario re-wrote their brand standards based on the two print pieces that we created.

When eHealth was faced with the challenge of communicating the strategy and vision for e-records and digital management they turned to Evoke Solutions to rethink and communicate their vision to the world. The team created a clear and concise visual language to be used in information graphics and literature. The greatest success was the team’s ability to distill down the architects’ visions and plans in a concise and clear manner so that the general public, eHealth’s partners, the medical community and government could all understand the vision and roadmap.

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