EllisDon Construction - Ellis_Don_Hero_FINAL

Ellis Don is a world leader in construction and building services that completes in excess of $3.5 billion worth of contracts annually working with a wide range of markets and sectors around the globe.


Evoke Solutions was approached to create three elegant marketing literature pieces and develop content to create strong key selling points for each. Aligned was designed to break down the barriers and challenge the disconnect between design and construction that is present within the industry. Meanwhile for the latter, Aligned Avaition compromised of design of two brochures that focussed on targetting the private jet hanger marketplace in commercial airports. All three brochures have a clean, modern and contemporary aesthetic to their appearance conveying the essence of Ellis Don’s craftsmanship throughout.

EllisDon Construction - Ellis_Don_1_12COL_FINAL
EllisDon Construction - Ellis_Don_2_6COL
EllisDon Construction - Ellis_Don_3_6COL
EllisDon Construction - Ellis_Don_4_12COL
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