Bringing the In-Store Experience Online

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Indigo’s rich and immersive retail setting engages visitors by curating a unique and rewarding retail experience. The stores have been created to allow shoppers to feel at home while encouraging them to stay and enjoy the complete product offering.



As a well-established brand, Canada’s largest and most successful bookstore was looking for a total website redesign. Evoke Solutions has just completed the new positioning statement “enrich you life” which reflected the businesses move from a book retailer to a lifestyle destination. Evoke Solutions worked on the strategy, information architecture and user experience for Canada’s largest online retailer. The goal was to improve conversion rates, traffic while emulating the in-store brand experience online. The high level architecture was changed to allow users to browse by demographics instead of just categories. Lifestyle mosaics and toys we brought up in prominence to ensure the audience understood the curation of products that is so important to the store experience.

Evoke Solutions did an in-depth conversion optimization of the entire conversion funnel including A|B testing of the check out process. The focus was on the user experience and conversion optimization and the results we exceptional with sales and conversion up immediately after launch.

In addition to the site redesign, Evoke Solutions helped Indigo successfully broaden its digital touch points to reflect the updated brand experience including art direction, illustration, print, email templates, blog, digital marketing, video and social.

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