Empowering a Healthier You

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Rethinking health. League understands that the future of health is preventative and will be driven by consumers. League is building a digital health and wellness platform and their mission is to give everyone the power to take control of their health – every day.


Evoke Solutions worked with the start-up on the overall brand strategy, vision and communication strategy. Evoke Solutions was engaged to create a tier-one brand for the firm and developed the tagline, positioning, values and key elevator pitch that all build on the name the founder developed. Evoke Solutions created a strong photographic art direction and brand standards with the understanding that a world-class brand is required. The print and digital communications required a strong colour palette, typographic system, visual identity, wordmark and photographic art direction to ensure the brand touch-points are engaging and strong. Evoke Solutions worked to create initial pitch decks, business cards, letterhead, signage, collateral, email templates and a responsive, AODA compliant website with blog and brand standards for the brand’s launch.

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