Impacting Employee Engagement

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Lifespeak is a comprehensive health, wellness and professional development platform that helps keep employees present, productive and thriving. The Lifespeak platform makes it easy for employees to access the advice, information, support and inspiration they need so they can grow and thrive.


Evoke Solutions collaborated with LifeSpeak to rethink the firms growth strategy, communication roadmap and develop the firms future brand footprint. The efforts started with a rebranding that kept the core wordmark but developed a new colour palette, icon, and overall brand experience that included everything ranging from the public facing website to brand collateral such as business cards and proposals. The new tagline “You Know. You Can.” Speaks to the firms wealth of experts and information and the ability these resources have to empower individuals to achieve personal goals. Evoke Solutions worked through all of the firm’s communication touch points including the public facing website, client portals, sales tolls and collateral, videos, animations and infographics, email signatures and email marketing templates, print collateral, case studies and sales sheets, print materials, digital marketing and pitch collateral. The brand experiences are full of life and help convey the positive impact LifeSpeak can make for both employers and employees to their overall success.

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