Maintech Industries
Creating the Best Point-Of-Sale Experience.

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Maintech Industries designs and manufactures point-of-sale solutions to enhance security and employee functionality enabling the easiest and most private transactions possible for consumers.


Evoke Solutions is proud to be helping this Canadian manufacturer succeed in North America by creating a world-class brand that reflects their superior design, manufacturing and quality of Maintech’s stands and POS solutions. Evoke Solutions created a fully responsive AOAD compliant website to help sell both the custom design services and their POS solutions and stands. By first working through the messaging and information architecture to ensure the firms strengths were communicated, Evoke Solutions was able to then create an engaging user experience. Through the online experience, strong information graphics and videos are used to articulate the issues the industry is facing while showcasing the solutions and case studies that illustrate how Maintech is an industry leader.

In addition to the digital marketing, Evoke Solutions updated the identity and created engaging digital experiences and videos for tradeshow booths and event marketing.

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