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Bringing Digital to Life

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Toronto-based  Pikto helps photographers achieve their vision by bringing pixels to life through full service printing of beautiful custom photobooks and other collateral.


Evoke Solutions worked to help create a digital platform that would allow Pikto to compete and thrive in a very competitive marketplace. Their old website, and software were both very outdated when Evoke Solutions was first engaged. Our approach was to appeal to the visual sensibilities of Pikto’s target audience by infusing the digital communication with a sense of editorial variety and print influences. Evoke Solutions created a complete brand refresh that re-energized Pikto and their numerous divisions. Part of the refresh was the launch of the new website, with a dynamic layout, vivid colour palette and bold photography. The website clearly showcased all of Pikto’s services and offerings and was designed to appeal to their customer audience. Evoke Solutions art directed the photography and evolved the existing identity to created sub-brands with new brand standards.

Following the completion of the website design, Evoke Solutions updated their SAAS interfaces, created digital marketing templates and tools, online advertising, email templates, print and marketing collateral. When Pikto was ready to take on new space in Toronto’s Distillery district Evoke Solutions designed the new storefront’s visual presence and signage.

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