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Plum Rewards is retailer Chapters Indigo’s new loyalty program. Free to join, Plum Rewards has no annual fees and allows both online and retail shoppers to accumulate points, receive discounts and redeem points for cash discounts on merchandise.


Evoke Solutions was hired by Indigo to help as the firm was launching a new free loyalty program designed to transition their customers to a new platform focused on CRM. Evoke Solutions was chosen as their partner and was engaged to develop and design the program name, identity, positioning statement and all the communications.

The Plum Rewards program was developed and speaks to the three key customer needs: to be rewarded, to be inspired through growth & discovery and to connect with others. The name was influenced by those same needs. By definition, “plum” means windfall, valuable, coveted, a desirable thing. Additionally, the reference to colour plays wonderfully against the corporate name Indigo. The positioning statement “Enrich Your Life” further enforces the brand objectives. It was so successful it was adapted for the entire brand.

Evoke Solutions created the messaging and positioning, in-store signage, end caps, shelf talkers, client cards, welcome packages, digital collateral, email templates, digital marketing, online tools and brand standards. Indigo rolled out the campaign nationally in April 2011 ad the success has far exceeded expectations for enrolment and participation.

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