Quark Expeditions
Communicating Passion and Technical Expertise

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The leader in polar travel, Quark expeditions offers unprecedented access to the most remote areas of the arctic and antarctic aboard purpose-built expedition vessels.


When Evoke Solutions was hired to reposition the company we began by clearly defining their voice and mission “love and passion for the polar regions and technical expertise” which drove all creative efforts from the overall art direction right down to the folio and route maps.

Evoke Solutions worked with Quark Expeditions internal marketing department to completely rebrand the firm. Evoke Solutions art directed the photography and documented the unique experience in stills and video. These assets drove the creative for the new online experience and printed brochures – these were completely redesigned and updated. The key to the new brand experience was juxtaposing the technical excellence in delivery and expeditions with the love and passion of the scientists and expedition leaders. Engaging photography contrasted a navigation accurate maps and fine line drawings.

Evoke Solutions worked to update every brand touch point including marketing literature, pre-travel literature, the on-ship experience (forms, gift shop items, uniforms, literature, wayfinding, signage,) website, email templates, digital marketing, print and marketing materials, tradeshow materials, staff uniforms, t-shirts, memorabilia, technical illustrations, plaques, badges and awards.

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