Sklar Furnishings
Setting the Standard for Others to Follow

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Sklar Furnishings is a contemporary furniture retailer located in South Florida committed to customer service and customer choice as articulated in their tagline “Your Space, yYour Choice, Your Lifestyle.”


Evoke Solutions has been working with Sklar since before they opened the store over 10 years ago. Evoke Solutions created a brand that instills confidence at every touch point. Sklar’s retail environment and communications have differentiated them from their competition with clean, concise visual communications, and meticulous execution.

The relationships began with the initial branding, identity and retail design for the 28,000 square foot store. Evoke Solutions designed the building facade, signage and interior wayfinding, bags, invoices, tags and other graphics. Evoke Solutions has continued to design and developed all aspects of their communications including print advertising, marketing materials and brochures, point of sale materials, truck graphics, video, web marketing, radio and television advertising, corporate communication, digital templates, social media, SEO, SEM and other digital marketing.

The online experience is AODA compliant and fully responsive. The minimal chrome and timeless design allows the products and editorial content to shine.

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