South Hill Home
Bringing Timeless Designs Home

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Toronto furniture retailer South Hill Home is committed to curating uniquely designed and impeccably crafted pieces that combine classic ideas and modern elements. They carry world-renowned and unique quality home furnishings for interior designers and the general public.


Evoke Solutions’ goal was to help bring the breadth of unique products and strong sense of style of the South Hill Home team online. For those that have visited their showroom, the style is unique and the lines very strong. By rethinking the information architecture and pushing the supplier to deliver better images of their products, Evoke Solutions was able to create a unique online experience that allows both designers and the general public to both be inspired and use the site as a resource.

The minimal interface and chrome was designed to showcase the incredible photography and huge breadth of products. With over 5,000 SKUs the navigation and information architecture were key to creating a positive user experience. With full wish list and advanced browsing and search capabilities the retailer has been inundated with inquires from around the world for the unique lines.

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