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Microsoft takes on a number of innovative projects. The corporate headquarters in redmond, Washington needed to create an events portal to support their large event network, events team and attendees.


Evoke Solutions designed the new user experience for the Microsoft US event resource center. Working within the newly created brand standards Evoke Solutions architected and designed the complete user experience to allow users to engage with, book and manage events.

Given the size and magnitude of Microsoft events, the experience required a fully integrated solution to allow for manage events, booking, scheduling, sharing information with geo-location intelligence and robust search capabilities. Microsoft and StarShot looked to Evoke Solutions to lead the strategy, and execute the information architecture and user experience. The event management, search and inventory controls and CMS we designed to streamline processes, reduce overhead and add efficiencies to the events team. Evoke Solutions created a fully functioning prototype through video to showcase the concept and sell it internally.

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