Tom Arban Photography
Architectural Eye Candy

Tom Arban Photography - TomAban_client-hero_2400

Tom Arban Photography is a Toronto based architectural photographer. Tom studied and practiced architecture and brings a unique perspective when documenting buildings around the world.


Evoke Solutions created Tom’s first online experience and recently worked to create a responsive digital experience that would allow the client to continually update his body of work while allowing clients to instantly see his portfolio. By stripping away the need to directories and hierarchy the team was able to create a user experience that is very immersive with a unique tiled wall for browsing collections and a full-screen viewer to display the striking images as large as possible. Along with the identity Evoke Solutions created some personal pages to help Tom bridge his personal experiences and travel with his work.

Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_2.6-1
Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_2-2
Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_2a-6-1
Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_2a-6-2
Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_3-1
Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_3-2
Tom Arban Photography - Tomarban_4
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